Company Profile 

Majestic Gemstone is a pioneer in the Gemstone slab manufacturing business.
The production process starts with selective pickings of raw material that is quarried in various places around the globe and is handpicked to achieve the best color, shape and size qualities.

Upon arriving to our state of the art manufacturing facility, the raw material is going through a long process of cutting and setting using specialized epoxy glue that was designed and developed in our labs especially for this purpose. During the manufacturing process we produce slabs in 2 or 3 cm thicknesses as a standard or custom size based on special request.

The end result is nothing short of fine home styling jewelry, unique slabs that are suitable for decoration in various applications at private homes, offices and projects such as: Kitchen Island, kitchen counters, bathrooms, mirrors, decorative wall coverage, Flooring, bars and bath cabinets.

Through the years Majestic Gemstone has built a specialized professional services team that provides the customer with the opportunity to combine our products with fine carpentering, metal work and lighting fixtures (translucent materials) to enhance and compliment our product. This service significantly reduces the efforts required to coordinate the many vendors required to complete such project, saves you time and money while reducing the risk of slab damage.

Among our clients are: stone importers, stone manufacturers and leading designers and architects that specialize in unique projects all around the world.

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