One of the ways to show our unique fabricating custom projects is by participating in a different stones and HD shows around the world.

In the past 5 years the Majestic Gemstone has participated in the all the top trade shows around the world. Majestic Gemstone brings new and innovative ideas, sharing them with our clients and opening new markets.

As a leading company in the Gemstone industry we are always open to a new idea and the trade shows are a great opportunity to meet new and existing clients and to get their feedback.


  • HD-MIAMI-2007
  • HD-VEGAS-2007
  • HD-VEGAS-2009
  • ICFF-NY-2009
  • KAZA-TEL-AVIV-2008
  • KBIS-VEGAS-2007
  • MILANO-2007
  • XIAMEN-2009

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